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Alerts & Updates

Receive timely alerts and updates as part of our talent network, ensuring you’re always informed about new job openings that match your skills and interests. Stay ahead of industry trends with regular notifications about exclusive opportunities, professional development events, and relevant career resources.

By joining our network, you gain access to personalized updates that help you navigate your career path more effectively, keeping you connected to the best opportunities in your field. Let us keep you informed and empowered in your job search journey.  

SM Integration

Easily share job opportunities with your family and friends through seamless social media integration. With just a few clicks, you can post job openings to platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, broadening the reach of our talent network. This feature allows you to effortlessly spread the word about exciting career opportunities, helping your connections discover roles that suit their skills and interests.

Enhance your network’s value by keeping your social circles informed and engaged, creating a supportive community of professionals who stay connected to the best job opportunities available.

Comprehensive Support for Every Need

We've Got You Covered

GTA offers full-time long-term contractors a robust benefits package designed to support their professional and personal well-being. Our benefits include competitive salaries that reflect your skills and experience, along with comprehensive healthcare packages encompassing medical, dental, and vision coverage to ensure your health needs are met. We provide generous paid time off and holiday schedules, allowing you ample time to relax and recharge.

If you are a candidate, you need to choose the right employer for you and your family. In helping you to decide, please know that GTA offers world class medical plans through top providers.

* GTA will never sell our network members’ personal information to anyone for any reason
Flex Accounts
Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Benefits
Life Insurance
Disability Compensation
401 K plan – with vested match over time
Paid Holiday Time
Paid Time Off (PTO)

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